Find the positive

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Unless you are a multi-billionaire, pessimism is a luxury you cannot afford. You owe it to yourself to find something positive in even the most distressing situation.

Negative thoughts waste your time and drain your energy. If you find yourself consumed with pessimism, ask some serious questions.

How much of your life are you willing to give away in return for nothing? How much potential good fortune are you willing to forgo just so you can indulge your negativity?

You do not have to be negative in order to be realistic. You can see what’s truly there and also, always, envision a positive way forward.

It often requires much effort to uncover and to follow the positive possibilities. Yet the results you achieve are worth all that effort.

Invest your thoughts, your focus, your actions to the benefit of all you love and care about. Find the positive, no matter what, and bring it fully to life.

— Ralph Marston